The President of Uzbekistan has signed a decree on the development of alternatives energy sources

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a decree "On measures on further development of alternative energy sources".
According to the decree published in mass media of the republic on Saturday, the document is adopted "in order to continue further research and pilot development at a higher technical and scientific level, practical use, taking into account the world experience, individual decisions on the use of alternative energy sources in Uzbekistan and the organization of domestic production of modern equipment and technology for the field."
In the document it is noted that in Uzbekistan considerable experience in conducting scientific and pilot studies in a scope of alternative energy sources, first of all solar energy. The scientific experimental and material base is created for more profound development and practical use of solar and biogas energy.
The conditions and objective preconditions created in Uzbekistan for practical implementation of solar energy are the basis for the pilot implementation of advanced technologies in this field not only in the country but in the whole Central Asia.
The President instructed the Cabinet of Ministers together with the Academy of Sciences and the concerned ministries and departments to develop and approve in a month the lists of experimental and pilot projects on the use of solar and biogas energy with attraction of means of Asian Development Bank and other international financial institutions.
The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy of Uzbekistan are in charge to make proposals in two months for stimulating manufacturers and users of solar and biogas energy, granting them with taxes and customs privileges and preferences
Besides, Islam Karimov charged to hold in 2013 in Tashkent an international conference on questions of introduction of alternative energy sources with participation of international financial institutions, leading international experts, foreign research centers and manufacturing companies of processing equipment.
In the first half of the current year the Ministry of Economics, the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, "Uzbekenergo" SAC together with the interested ministries and departments have to introduce draft law "About Alternative Energy Sources" to the government.
As it was reported earlier, according to republican experts, preserving the current trends and volumes of consumption of resources, the stocks of natural gas and coal in Uzbekistan will suffice only for the next 20-30 years while the stocks of oil are already almost exhausted.
The potential of renewable energy sources in Uzbekistan is about 51 billion tons of oil equivalent, and technical capacity is 179 82.3 million tons of oil equivalent.
Today in the structure of primary fuel and energy resources of the country 97% is occupied by oil and gas, 2,3% - by coal and 0,7% - by hydropower. The share of renewables energy sources in Uzbekistan doesn't exceed one percent.