Water security and peace. A Synthesis of Studies Prepared under the PCCP - Water for Peace Process

Compiled by William J. Cosgrove
Publication Date: 

This report is a contribution from UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme to the World Water Assessment Programme. It was prepared within the framework of the joint UNESCO–Green Cross International project entitled “From Potential Conflict to Cooperation Potential (PCCP): Water for Peace,”
This report is based on a number of thematic and basin studies prepared under the PCCP – Water for Peace (PCCP–WfP) process. They are being published as UNESCO– IHP technical documents – PCCP series. The thematics are the following: History and future of water resources; International water law; Systems analysis; Techniques of negotiation, mediation and facilitation and Education. It also includes insights on several case studies and a setion on indicators of water conflicts.