Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Amu Darya Basin Network. The network is a hub of local and international researchers, young professionals, experts, practitioners, policymakers, and donors, who share a keen interesting in better managing water resources in the Amu Darya Basin. It is an active policy platform for interaction, communication and knowledge sharing on key water governance issues in the Basin.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to Network conference calls, meetings, events, and seminars
  • Opportunities to participate in thematic conference calls on specific programme areas
  • Regular updates on upcoming events in the Amu Darya Basin and water related events
  • Access to virtual library
  • Great networking opportunity
  • Opportunity to influence policy makers, stakeholders and the donor community with the policy tools generated during the process.

The role of the Members of the Amu Darya Basin Network

  • Take the initiative on network expansion inviting stakeholders to join;
  • Engage actively in the discussions through conference calls, email and website forums by providing their input, preparing discussion/position papers to guide the discussions;
  • Provide their input to the policy documents generated as a result of knowledge exchange between members.
  • Together with EWI staff, participate on proposal development and fundraising for the Network’s activities
  • Contribute to the research component of the network by producing papers and assisting in the outsourcing, reviewing and editing of collaborative research papers in the Amu Darya Basin.
  • Experienced researchers within the Network will act as a "voluntary editorial board" to review papers of local / young researchers, improve them and make them competitive for existing peer-reviewed international journals to connect their research to the wider academic community.

To become a member of the Amu Darya Basin Network, please complete the form.