Elena Rotoklya

Assistant Professor
Kyrgyz Republic
American University Central Asia
Thematic expertise: 
Environment and development and Integrated water resources management

Elena Rotoklya works as an Assistant Professor and researcher at Tian Shian Policy Center within the American Univerisity of Central Asia (AUCA). Her main courses include “Environment, Sustainability and Development in Central Asia” and “The basics of Ecology and International Environmental Protection”. Her area of research is focused on the adaptations to climate change in mountainous areas of Kyrgyzstan. 
Ms. Rotoklya has conducted independent research in the public policy and environmental area in Kyrgyzstan and worked as a National Coordinator in Kyrgyzstan n the EU Project “Water Governance in Central Asia” in Kyrgyzstan. She also holds experience within the international development sector, in research, analysis, training and management. She is a London School of Economics graduate with an MSc Degree in Environment and Development.