Janusz Kindler

Janusz Kindler
Prof. dr hab.(emeritus), Water Resources and Environmental Systems / Vice Chairman
Warsaw University of Technology / Research Committee on Water-Related Security Issues at the Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Thematic expertise: 
Development and aplication of systems analysis methods to the solution of integrated water resources
economic and social problems (policy and strategy development
and management). Special emphasis on transboundary river basin issues
Geographical expertise: 
Native Poland and Central- Eastern Europe Region; Europe in general; Africa (Lake Chad Basin)
Central Asia (Aral Sea Basin)
South Caucasus (Kura-Aras Basin). Also in the late 90s
member of the World Bank study on priotities of the Volga River Basin programme (Russian Federation)

At the moment Professor Emeritus at the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT). Former Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Leader of Water Management and Hydrology Department. At WUT since 1972, teaching, research and consulting at home and abroad.  Currently at home concentrating on application of the EU water-related directives in Poland and climate change, vulnerability and adaptation studies; among others participating in development of climate change adaptation strategy for Poland.  Frequent short assignments to various international projects.  Since 1974 Member of the Water Resources Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. 
Going back, first 12 years after graduation with “Hydroproject”, Consulting Engineers for Water Engineering and Management, Warsaw.  Among others, in years 1960-1962, participated in agriculture development studies in the Lower Tigris basin (Iraq), including wetland zone between Iraq and Iran.  From 1963 until 1965, nominated by the DG of Irrigation of the Iraqi Government to the position of Chief Consulting Engineer of the Amarah Irrigation Project (reclamation of 250 000 ha saline soils in Southern Iraq). 
1968 until 1972, with the National Water Authority in Poland, UN/UNDP Special Fund Project "Comprehensive development of the Vistula River System in Poland "; initially Project Co-Manager, later Chief Engineer (long-term water resources planning covering 54% of the country's area; first application in the country of systems analysis and mathematical modeling techniques in the area of water resource planning).  As the UN fellow, several short courses on water resource systems at various universities, research institutes and private companies in the United States.
In years 1976-1983 on leave of absence from WUT with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) working mostly on integrated water management issues, especially demand management and river basin planning.  At IIASA leading Water Project and later chairing Resources and Environment Research Area. In years 1993-1997 Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Water Resources (SCOWAR) of the International Council of Scientific Unions.  In late 1980s, consulting assignment for UNEP on development of the master plan for the Lake Chad Basin in Africa.  In 1992 invited by the World Bank to work on the selected strategic water resources and environmental issues of the former USSR countries, Central-Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East (1992-1996).  Among others, leading group of local consultants from the five Aral Sea Basin countries working on the first post-Soviet study  “Principal provisions of the water management strategy in the Aral Sea Basin” (1997).  Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Budapest (1990-1993).
Since 1996 actively involved in the activities of the Global Water Partnership (GWP).  In years 1956-1998 member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the GWP; Chairman of the Regional Committee of the GWP for the Central-Eastern Europe (2002-2007). 
In years 2007-2008 Senior Consultant for the USAID financed project on development of water resurces in the South Caucasus (international Kura-Aras Basin). In years 2008-2009 in charge of interdisciplinary task force assigned by the National Water Authority with development of the National Water Strategy for Poland 2030. In 2008 nominated member of the Hydrology Expert Facility of the Water Anchor Unit of the World Bank. In 2009, The World Bank consultant  working on Climate Change Adaptation in the Sava River Basin and on Comprehensive Assessment of Water Supply and Demand in Kosovo. In year 2010 consultant to Industrial Economics, Inc. (Boston, USA) on a study of climate change adaptation of the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan.
For several years member of the National Water Resources Council of Poland.  Honorary Member of the Hungarian Hydrological Society. Member of several international scientific organizations (a.o. IAHS, IAHR, IWRA and IWA).  In 2000 honoured by IWRA with the international Chow Memorial Endowed Lecturer Award.
About 130 research papers, articles and publications on integrated water resources management, and various environmental issues, including most recent co-authorship of the book “Water Ethics” (2009).