Jochen Froebrich

Jochen Froebrich
Head of the IWRM Research Team
The Netherlands
Integrated Water Resources Management, Centre for Water and Climate (CWK)
Thematic field: 
Thematic expertise: 
Climate Change
dam operations
water quality
Geographical expertise: 
Central Asia

Dr Jochen Froebrich is affiliated with projects in Central Asia over 10 years. He has coordinated the EU project 516761 Jayhun, which combined aspects of Water availability due to climate and global change, revised dam operations in the Amu Darya basin as well as improved irrigation strategies. Within this project, the first automatic water quality monitoring station was established in the Amu Darya. Other activities were associated to the coordination of the INTAS projects IWMT ("Development of integrated water management strategies for the Tuyamuyn reservoir complex") and OPAL ("Pollution avoidance and clean up strategies for the lower Amu Darya"). Active participation in lectures, organizing conferences, several network activities and dissemination events have consolidated the personal relationships with key research teams in Central Asia and Russia overtime and led to a good insight into the current efforts to manage water quantity and quality in the region. Results were made available in papers and book chapters. At the moment he is head of the Alterra -Wageningen UR IWRM research team, which holds ongoing contacts with IMWI Tashkent, SANIIRI and the ECO-GIS centre.