Joop de Schutter

Joop de Schutter
Acting Deputy Director
The Netherlands
Thematic field: 
Thematic expertise: 
Integrated coastal zone management
Civil Engineering
rural development
Geographical expertise: 
South East Asia
Central Asia
Aral Sea

Joop de Schutter is a senior consultant and applied research manager in the field of policy analysis for integrated water resources management and integrated coastal zone management with extended international experience in implementation of projects in the water and environment sector. He has worked over 20 years in many different countries in Europe, South East Asia, Central Asia and Africa. His educational background is in project management, civil engineering, coastal zone management and integrated water resources management. Sectors covered during his career have been natural resources planning and rural development, integrated water resources management, integrated coastal zone management, coastal and inland fisheries, environmental impact assessment, sustainable development planning and institutional development. Since 1996 he has been involved in various, World Bank and other major donor funded, projects of the Aral Sea Program in Central Asia. These included the Aral Sea Wetlands Restoration Project, the Sudoche Wetlands Restoration Project, the Aral Sea Basin Management Model Project and special research programs for "integrated water resources management under conditions of scarcity" with funding from the NATO Science for Peace program. He has been the general manager of Resource Analysis, a policy analysis for water and environment consultancy with offices in Delft, the Netherlands and Antwerp, Belgium until 2003. From then on he has joined UNESCO-IHE first as a head of the water engineering department and as the UNESCO-IHE Business Director since 2007.