Marton Krasznai

Regional Advisor on Economic Cooperation and Integration
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Thematic expertise: 
Institution Building
Good Governance
Rule Of Law
Conflict Resolution
Cross-sector Programs On Regional Economic And Environmental Cooperation
Inter-agency Coordination On Development
Geographical expertise: 
South-East Europe
The South-Caucasus
Central Asia

Mr. Marton Krasznai provides advisory services on policies to ensure sustainable economic development and rapid integration into the world economy through strengthened regional cooperation, primarily through his support to the UN Special Programme for the Economies of Central Asia. Recently, Marton has been working on the reform of the UN Special Program for the Economies of Central Asia; support to the work of the governing bodies of the Programme; organization of the annual sessions of SPECA Economic Forum: support to the elaboration, implementation and evaluation of bi-annual SPECA Work Plans, including the strengthening of cross-sector approaches. Among others he has developed and now is implementing – in close cooperation with the Regional Advisor on Environment – a three-year cross-sector program on strengthening regional institutions and modernizing legal frameworks for water resources management in Central Asia. He plays an active role in strengthening cooperation and coordination and designing and implementing joint projects with partner organizations and international financial institutions. He provides advisory services to the governments of SPECA member countries on policy responses to the 2008-2009 compound water, energy and food crisis as well as on efforts to find innovative responses to the world economic crisis through strengthened regional cooperation. He successfully worked with key multilateral and bilateral donors to further increase extra-budgetary contributions for projects in the above areas.