Mohammad Qaasim

Mohammad Qaasim
Project Manager
Asian Institute of Technology
Thematic expertise: 
Irrigation and Water Supply Engineering
Geographical expertise: 

Mr. Mohammad Qaasim is Project Manager for AIT-MoHE , Afghanistan Partnership Project and a farmer faculty member at civil and Industrial Engineering department, faculty of engineering Balkh University. He earned his Master degree from Structural Engineering field of study, School of Engineering and Technology from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand in 2008. Mohammad Qaasim is the founder of faculty of Engineering and academic advisor of Aria Institute of Higher Education in Northern Afghanistan. He is working as deputy project coordinator for DelPHE project and member of Partner Academic Learning (PAL) project. He has worked as consultant for many international and UN organizations such as UN-Habitat, UHFAO in Northern Afghanistan. Mr. Qaasim received his Bachelor of Engineering degree from Civil and Industrial Engineering department, Faculty of Engineering from Balkh University in 1995. He speaks Dari, Pashtu, Uzbeki and English languages.