Nodir Djanibekov

Nodir Djanibekov
Senior Researcher - Agricultural economist
ZEF/UNESCO Project in Uzbekistan
Thematic expertise: 
Agricultural economics
Quantitative policy analysis
Analysis of environmental related issues in land and water use in agriculture
Geographical expertise: 

Nodir Djanibekov is an agricultural economist at the ZEF/UNESCO project in Uzbekistan. He received his PhD degree in 2008 from Bonn University, Germany. The topic of his research was quantitative analysis of impacts of agricultural processes in the Khorezm province of Uzbekistan. Currently, his research is related to the policy and institutional analysis towards strengthening the rural resilience to changing climate in Central Asia with particular focus on the Amu Darya Basin. During the period of his commitment to the ZEF/UNESCO project, he has gained experience in applying quantitative methods for agricultural and environmental policy analysis with particular relevance to the irrigated agricultural production. His research interests are on the issues of food security, agricultural production and innovation adoption. In 2008 he was also a co-founder of NGO KRASS.