Oliver Olsson

Oliver Olsson
Chair of Material Resources, Institute of Environmental Chemistry, Faculty of Sustainability, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Water Management Center (WMC), Bauer&Olsson GbR - Ingenieure
Thematic field: 
Thematic expertise: 
Water Resources Engineering
Environmental Impact Assessment
Sustainable Water Management
Geographical expertise: 
Central Asia

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Olsson has specialized in the area of Integrated Water Resources Management in water deficient regions and has experience in South America and Central Asia, since 6years. His special focus is on water quality modelling, reservoir and multiple-reservoir system operations and their interactions with the river water quality, environmental risk assessment and sustainable water management strategies. Currently, he is the main responsible researcher of the project ZAR- Impact of transition processes on environmental risk assessment and risk management strategies in a Central Asian transboundary basin (Zarafshan) funded by the Volkswagenfoundation and he was the project manager and main responsible researcher of the EU INCO-Jayhun project (516761): Interstate Water Resource Risk Management: Towards A Sustainable Future for the Aral Basin.