Shukhrat Muradov

Shukhrat Muradov
Head of Department "Environmental Protection and Ecology" / Executive Director
Karshi Engineering Economic Institute / Southern Regional Research Center, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan
Thematic expertise: 
Water resources
Hydrogeology of land reclamation
Geographical expertise: 
South of Uzbekistan - Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya

In 1975, Mr. Muradov graduated from Tashkent State University obtaining degree in Hydrology. In 1975-77, he worked as a senior engineer hydro-geologist in Kashkadarya regional administration of drainage systems. From 1977 till present, he has worked in Karshi Engineering-Economic Institute at positions - Senior lecturer, Head of department, Dean, First vice-rector. At present, he is a Head of Department "Environmental Protection and Ecology". Since May 2005, Mr. Muradov also acts as an Executive Director of the Southern Regional Research Center under the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. In addition, he has executed three international Tempus and UNDP projects, three national grants, and more than 10 innovative grants. He has published over 320 scientific and methodological works, including two books "Fundamentals of Ecology" (2001, 2006), two textbooks on integrated water resources management (2007, 2010), ten patents, and five recommendations. He was a supervisor of one candidate of sciences and is now supervising other three candidates. Prepared doctoral dissertation and monograph on water resistance of arid zones. 
To the Amu Darya Basin Network, Mr. Muradov brings his expert knowledge and scientific findings on the south of Uzbekistan, since it is one of the largest water users of the Amu Darya basin.