Victor Dukhovny

Victor Dukhovny
Scientific Information Center of the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination (SIC-ICWC), Central Asia
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Prof. Dukhovny is a Director of SIC ICWC. After completion of education in Ukraine Water institute in 1956 with diplom civil engineer on the master level with “diplom of excellence” he selected as place of work Central Asia. In the past, he was a chief engineer of Hunger Steppe development (350 thousand ha of new irrigated lands), a director of construction unit for Karakum canal, a chief engineer and first deputy Chairman of Central Asia Board for irrigation and development of new lands. From 1973 up to 1993 he served as director of Central Asian scientific research institute SANIIRI. Since independence, he has become one of the active organizers of water partnerships, including the Interstate Coordination Water Commission, the International Fund for Aral Sea Saving, and Global Water Partnership of Central Asia and Caucasus. Professor Dukhovny actively promotes the regional interests in the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, where he is a Honorary Vice-President; in the World Water Council and in the International Water Resources Association, where he was elected as a member of the board. Many water specialists from Central Asian countries were involved in implementation of advanced water resources management methods owing to his activity as an advisor and manager of a large number of the regional projects - "IWRM-Fergana", "The Central Asia Regional Water Information Base", "Automation of structures in the Fergana Valley", as well as the training center of ICWC. Professor Dukhovny V.A. published more than 350 articles, 22 monographs, latest “Water in Central Asia: past, present and future”, 2011 by “Taylor and Fransis, 420 pages. He prepared 18 PhD students on the water management, advance irrigated agriculture, perspective planning of water development. He worked in Central Asia, but also as consultant in India, Nicaragua, Syria, Yemen and other states.