CASA-1000 energy project is strategic for Tajikistan

The CASA-1000 project is a strategic project for Tajikistan, which will contribute to the country's economic development, Tajik Minister of Energy and Industry Gul Sherali said during a meeting with the executive director of the Intergovernmental Council Secretariat of the CASA-1000 project Thomas Brewer, Asia-Plus reported on Monday.
According to the report, Gul Sherali noted that Tajikistan has considerable hydropower potential.
"In summer, the republic can export up to 7 billion kW / h of electricity, - he said. - However, due to lack of access to the Central and South Asian countries experiencing electricity shortages, we are losing water and energy resources. For this reason, our annual losses amount to an average of $ 170-200 million. "
The minister said the CASA-1000 project will connect Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan's energy systems which will improve the reliability of high-voltage electricity transmission network in the region. "The successful implementation and operation of the project will also create a precedent for the export of electricity within future projects of Tajikistan through new transmission projects to other regions," he stressed.
The minister noted that Tajikistan is in talks with international financial institutions and potential donors to attract investment in the CASA-1000 project.
"In accordance with the project schedule, we need to have a project agreement package signed between countries before March 31 this year. Timeliness for signing financing agreements and start of construction work will depend on the results of this collaboration," he added.
The CASA-1000 project envisages the construction of high-voltage power lines connecting the energy systems of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan with Afghanistan and Pakistan to assist Central Asian countries in exporting electricity and the development of relevant instruments and mechanisms for electricity trading in line with international standards.