Commissioning of Kambarata-1 HPP to provide guaranteed water supply to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

The commissioning of the Kambarata-1 hydropower plant will create conditions for a guaranteed water supply to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, KirTAG said on Friday with reference to the press service of Electric Power Plants JSC.

'Once the plant is put into operation, conditions will be created for guaranteed provision of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with water resources in volumes covering the needs of agriculture in the growing season, regardless of the River Naryn's natural water content. The plant will also meet the winter demand for electricity in Kyrgyzstan', the report said.

As the company noted, project developments do not provide for the plant's seasonal work.

"A seasonal operation of the hydropower plant is not possible due to both hydrological conditions of the river flow and technological energy conditions at the power grid. Experts see significant advantages in this project and effectiveness not only for Kyrgyzstan, but also for neighbouring countries. Primarily it will ensure a balance in the use of the Toktogul reservoir, excluding the risks caused by uneven flow and requirements for energy needs, especially irrigation in the regions, "experts noted.

It should be noted that regardless of the number of existing and planned hydropower plants on the River Naryn and their operations, the Toktogul reservoir will always remain the main regulator of the flow. Therefore, water power modes of the power plants' joint operation rather than the transfer of water management functions can be considered and developed with interested parties.

"In any case, operations of the Kambarata-1 hydropower plant will not cause flooding of the river's lower reaches in winter as it is situated on the River Naryn beyond the Toktogul water reservoir.

"Water flowing through the plant's turbines will be accumulated in the Toktogul reservoir. Fully-fledged long term regulation of the River Naryn's flow can be provided only through the Toktogul reservoir. So it makes no sense to say that someone will get additional leverages (KirTAG). The Kyrgyz Republic has always stressed that it is open to mutually beneficial cooperation, "the company spokesperson said.