EU provides funds to Tajikistan for budget support

The Ministry of Finance of Tajikistan and an EU delegation announced the provision to Tajikistan of a tranche of $6.287.5 million euros in grant funds to support the budget, Avesta.Tj reports.

According to the EU delegation in Dushanbe, the provision of the means of payment in support of the national budget proves the implementation by Tajikistan of the programme conditions, that is, the conduct of successful interventions to improve the area of public financial management and some of the measures to reform healthcare and social security.

Payment is being made within the framework of supporting a human development programme. This will run for a period of three years and has a budget of more than 26 million euros. It will help advance reforms in the provision of services with a priority to strengthen primary healthcare as well as improve its management and financing.

The programme also contributes towards a more effective basis of pension policy and administration. It will also improve the efficiency of public spending in these sectors by improving financial management, accountability and transparency and structured partnership between the private and public sectors with the active participation of civilian organisations working in the area of social services.