EU supports examination of Kambarata hydropower station’s construction in Kyrgyzstan

EU Special Representative to Central Asia, Patricia Flor, taking part in the fourth high level conference 'EU - Central Asia: Environment and Water Cooperation Platform' held in Bishkek on Thursday has supported an independent examination of the construction of the Kambarata hydropower plant in Kyrgyzstan, Avesta says.
According to uznews, in an interview, Patricia Flor expressed support to countries lying below the river flow, namely to Uzbekistan.
"All projects undergo an independent examination. This is a rule for us in the EU, and also applies to Kambarata HPP she said. It should include all the countries lying below the river flow."
Kyrgyzstan's references that the project of Kambarata HPP has been examined and assessed in the days of the USSR, which was conducted by the Tashkent Hydro project was called unconvincing from the EU point of view by Flor.
Head of the Uzbek delegation participating at the conference, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources Shavkat Khamraev expressed satisfaction with Flor's position.
Responding to a question regarding possible outcomes of international expertise on the hydropower station's construction in Kyrgyzstan, Khamraev said that the answer will be negative, meaning in favour of Tashkent.
Uzbekistan is the main opponent of the construction of large power stations in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, emphasising the need of international expertise for such projects all the time.
Earlier Tajikistan agreed on the examination of the Rogun project which is conducted under the auspices of the World Bank. The World Bank in turn, has repeatedly postponed completion.