Evaluation studies of Rogun HPP in Tajikistan discussed in Almaty

The third round of meetings for the exchange of information and discussion of proposed evaluation studies on the Rogun hydroelectric power station in Tajikistan was held in Almaty, the press service of the World Bank reported.
Interim results of the two ongoing evaluation studies, namely the feasibility study and the assessment of environmental and social impact, were the subject of these meetings.
The Bank also briefed representatives of donor agencies and diplomats working in Central Asian states on the recent results of evaluation studies and meetings for the exchange of information with countries of the river basin.
As part of these meetings, a preliminary report on hydrology and a preliminary report on geological studies, being the two of the major structural elements of the feasibility study have been studied and discussed. In addition to these reports, the meetings discussed the latest results of seismic hazard assessments and the modeling of the Vakhsh cascade, as well as the geological situation, project plans for alternative heights of the dam and the proposed matching of the cost of relocation and development of infrastructure for alternative heights of the dam.