Kazakh government adopts new agricultural programme

The Kazakh government has adopted a new industrial programme 'Agribusiness - 2020' for the development of agriculture in 2013-2020 ', the Agriculture Ministry press service reported.
The programme was developed in connection with increased competition in the Customs Union and the country's forthcoming accession to the WTO. Scientists, industry associations and agribusiness representatives actively participated in development of the programme.
The total amount allocated for the programme during 2013-2020, will stand at 3.122.2 billion tenge (150.60 tenge = $1).
According to the programme, the mechanisms of state support will create optimal conditions for increasing competitiveness in the agricultural field.
In order to achieve the objectives of the programme, work will be conducted in areas such as financial health, increased availability of goods and services and development of state systems to increase effectiveness of the state agricultural regulation system
As a result of the programme implementation, an increase is expected in the physical volumes of agricultural production by 1.5 times, threefold increase in productivity per person employed in agriculture, growth of export earnings from the sale of agricultural products by 20 per cent, ensuring food independence of basic food products at 80 per cent of the domestic market and attracting more than 10 trillion tenge of private funds into the sector.
The programme will create favourable conditions for business development in rural areas, encourage investment in the sector and increase the efficiency of allocated budget funds.