Kyrgyz Agriculture Ministry: Over 4.4 billion cubic meters of irrigation used in 2012

More than 4.4 billion cubic meters of water were used for irrigation in 2012, KyrTAG reported today referring to the Kyrgyz Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation.

According to the Department of Water Resources, some 6.522 billion cubic meters of water was taken from water sources in 2012 which was 303 million cubic meters more than last year.
'In particular, some 4.415 billion cubic meters, more than 190 million compared to last year were used for irrigation', the statement said. 'The plan has been 94 per cent executed'.

According to the ministry, the country has 1.2 million hectares of irrigated land. Around 855,300 are in good condition, 60,500 satisfactory and 105,100 hectares in a bad condition.

According to the report, around 665 million soms was spent for repairs in 2012.
'In particular, around 217 million soms was spent for repair work', the ministry said. 'Around 811 hydro-technical facilities and 103 pumping stations were repaired using these funds. The 445.4 kilometre channels were repaired and an 31.9 kilometre drainage system cleared'.

'It should be stressed that 104 pumping stations were operating efficiently in 2012, which pumped 367 million cubic meters of water', the ministry said. 'The total costs in pumping stations and wells totalled 210 million soms. Some 130 million soms were for using electricity'.