Pump producer HMS Group signs $85M contract with Turkmen state

Commonwealth of Independent States-focused HMS Group signed an $85 million contract with a Turkmen government ministry to construct water-pumping stations in the desert state, the company said Tuesday.

Under the terms of the contract, the company will build three water-pumping stations in the Mary province. The water stations will be built around the Zakhmet-Turkmenkala irrigation channel. The three new stations will replace older ones. Fifty pumps in total will be installed in the province.

The Moscow-based firm said the water-pumping stations will improve irrigation in the areas south of the Kara-Kum river by transporting water from the Murgap river for this purpose.

“At the beginning of 2011, we completed a turn-key construction of a similar water-lift pump station at the Yylgynagz water channel in the Lebap province, having proved HMS’ capability to design and construct the demanding technical solutions for water utilities in harsh desert conditions,” Chief Financial Officer and HMS Group founder Kirill Molchanov said.

“All equipment installed was designed and produced by HMS specifically for this project.”