Resolution on CASA-1000 Project to be Signed in Islamabad

Resolution on intergovernmental CASA-1000 project will be signed in Islamabad, Ruslan Orozaliyev, Head of Project Implementation Department of Industrial Ministry of Kyrgyzstan informed of Thursday.
«Signing of the resolution on intergovernmental CASA-1000 project is planned for February-March (between Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan) », - Mr. Orozaliyev said.

According to his words, the resolution will approve the structure of CASA-1000 project, adopted by working groups of four countries.

«National Electric Services of Kyrgyzstan» OJSC (NESK) informed KyrTAG that the document is called «Resolution on the Basis of Agreement on Commercial Principles Cooperation for Establishing Project Agreement on Power Transmission to САSA-1000».

«Project Agreement on power purchase was considered in December 2012, where it was decided to finalize the document. Our lawyers are currently working on it. The project will be considered in March», - NESK informed.

As we informed earlier, the project agreement on power purchase, which was prepared by the World Bank councils must be approved by member-state working groups and further by interdepartmental council of CASA-1000. Further-on they will set up other documents such as general agreements among member-countries and technical code. Presumably, the full package of documents should be approved in the second part of 2013 and will be brought to the intergovernmental level.

Within the framework of the project Kyrgyzstan will export up to 2 billion kW/h of power out of 11-13 billion kW/h per annum.

The project provides construction of 500 kW Power Transmission Line Support from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to Afghanistan and Pakistan. According to preliminary estimate full length of the Power Transmission Line Support will be 970 km.