Tajikistan starts power export to Kazakhstan through Kyrgyzstan

Tajikistan exports around 500,000 kWh of power to Kazakhstan on a daily basis, reported news agency Avesta citing unnamed source in Tajikistan's state-run energy holding Barki Tojik.
Tajikistan started power export to Kazakhstan since July, and could export more power if the energy system of Kyrgyzstan would be able to transmit more power. In July, Tajikistan exported around 12 million kWh of power, the source said. Power will be exported until October. Tajikistan and Kazakhstan held a long negotiation process. Two countries agreed on a price of $0.2 for each kW of exported power in the result. The Government of Tajikistan agreed with this proposal, as the water is discharged idly from the Vakhsh cascade circumventing its units. Selling power at $0.2 for kW, the energy holding of Tajikistan will be able to earn some money.  Tajikistan also exports power to Afghanistan. 2.4 million kWh of power is exported to Afghanistan daily. Hydropower plants of Tajikistan produce more than 52.2 kWh of power every day. Around 47 million kWh of power is consumed domestically, the remaining power is exported.