"Uzbekenergo" implements 38 investment projects in 2012

In 2012 "Uzbekenergo" carried out implementation of 38 large investment projects on modernization and reconstruction of system of production and transport of electricity, the company reported.

In particular, implementation of the project on reconstruction of the 220 kV "Kuyu Mazar" substantion with transformer capacity of 63.0 thousand square meters in Bukhara region is completed; high-voltage 220 kV line "PS-PS Fozilman Lochin" and 220 kV high-voltage line "Kizil-PS-PS Ravot Yulduz" with length of 30 kilometers in Fergana region are commissioned.

In addition, the project on reconstruction of 220 kV Syrdarya TPP-PS Karakiyasay "(71.8 kilometers), that will provide Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine and Tashkent region with reliable electric power supply, was completed.

The company has also completed the construction of Ishtihon substation (220 kV) and Gornorudnaya transmission station (110 kV) (second transformer capacity of 63.0 thousand kW, 110 kV BL length - 76.4 kilometers) for ensuring reliable power supply to Zarmitan and Samarkand.

Completion of the project on construction of gas compressor station at Navoi TPP will allow provision of combined cycle plant with gas of required pressure at 478 MW Navoi TPP.
In September, 220 kV Chopota-Sogdiana-Bobur high-voltage line was put into operation in Jambay district of Samarkand region for provision of reliable electric power to the car factory "Man" producing trucks and to rail facilities of "Uzbekistan Railways" company.

In October, 478 MW CCPP was commissioned at Navoi TPP. Full commissioning of PSU in Samarkand and Bukhara regions will provide additional electricity production capacity of 1.7 billion kilowatt / hours, which will save up to 359.0 million cubic meters of the annual gas consumption.

In 2012 "Uzbekenergo" continued expanding Talimarjon TPP through construction of two CCGT with capacity of 450 MW, construction of power plants with capacity of 130-150 MW designed for burning of high-ash coal at Angren TPP, carrying 500 kV overhead transmission line between the Syr Darya and the Novo-Angren thermal power plants, the introduction of automated system for monitoring and calculation of electrical energy, transition of units 1-5 of Novo-Angren thermal power station to year-round coal burning.

As part of the program on construction of individual houses in the countryside, 176 sets of transformer points were installed and four 10 kV transmission lines with length of 144.0 kilometers were built in 11 months.

According to the company, production of electricity exceeds 50 billion kilowatt hours per year. 39.2 percent of produced electricity is supplied to industrial manufacturing companies, 27.3 percent goes to population, 23.1 percent - to agriculture, and the rest goes to municipal services, transport, construction organizations.

According to official statistics, Uzbekistan decreased electricity production by 1.1 percent in January-September 2012, compared to the same period last year - up to 39.152 billion kWh, the State Statistics Committee informs.

Heat supply to consumers totaled 13.503 million Gcal exceeding last year's indicators by 1.1 percent.