Regional Options for Addressing the Water, Energy and Food Nexus in Central Asia and the Aral Sea Basin

J.Granita, A.Jagerskoga, A. Lindstroma, G. Bjorklundb, A. Bullocka, R. Lofgrena, G.Gooijera & S.Pettigrewa
Publication Date: 

This article explores the water, energy and food nexus in Central Asia as an avenue to seek regional solutions to common challenges. A benefit-sharing scheme was in place between the countries in the Central Asia in the Soviet Union era, but since independence unilateral action has been the norm. It is concluded that a regional integrative approach would be beneficial in the water, energy and food nexus. Collaborative options include exploring existing regional frameworks with a focus on additional investment in hydropower power generation, regional power market development, irrigation reforms, and addressing regional environmental public goods such as water flows and quality.