Askarali Karimov

Agricultural Engineer
Texas A&M University
Thematic expertise: 
Transboundary Cooperation; Water and Energy Nexus; Introducing Agricultural innovations; IWRM; Environmental conservation; Rural Development
Geographical expertise: 
Amu Darya Basin; Lower Rio Grande Valley

Mr. Karimov is an Agricultural Engineer and PhD Student at Texas A&M University. His research is mainly on implementation of Water Rights Analysis Model (WRAP) which is a river basin/reservoir systems simulation model that was developed and have been implemented by Texas A&M University and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as part of the Water Availability Modeling System to use, allocate and regulate stream flows in 23 River Basins of Texas. His expertise include but not limited to design and implementation of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisitions System (SCADA), water measurement structures and modernization of irrigation districts to improve water delivery efficiencies. His PhD research is mainly focused on water allocation and water rights in the Amudarya River Basin. Mr. Karimov is kind to become a member to get involved in various issues pertaining to water allocation and water rights in the Basin as well as to learn from colleagues and members more about on-going projects and research. In addition, to be up to date on any progress towards the improvement of water management in the Basin