Yegor Volovik

Yegor Volovik
Regional Programme Coordinator
Russia, Kazakhstan
UNDP Central Asian Climate Risk Management Programme
+7 705 841 0330
Thematic expertise: 
Regional climate risk management
Geographical expertise: 
Central Asia

Mr. Yegor Volovik works together with the regional and national teams in all five Central Asia countries and involved in the implementation of regional, national and local climate-risk related activities, including developing regional and national climate and disaster risk profiles; and setting up expert networks and knowledge management platforms.
He is supporting national partners as they strengthen capacities to manage climate risks; and helping to increase resilience of rural communities in Central Asia through improved sector-specific practicies – such as water efficiency in agriculture, high-land pasture management, agro-forestry and climate related disaster management. He is also supporting research on glacier melting in Central Asia, together with other United Nations agencies and international organizations.